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About Our Shirts 

The beauty of these shirts goes beyond their eye appeal.  Once you try one, you'll be hooked too!  These are the authentic Rima Beachworld brand shirts found in St. Maarten.  They are made of 100% terivoile (pronounced "terry foil"), which is a special process in which 100% polyester fiber is woven to feel and drape just like silk, but with none of the hassles of silk.  Sometimes people think that polyester will be too hot because of their past experiences with other garments made of polyester.  But that's another big difference with terivoile.  This unique weave makes these shirts breathe, which keeps you cool in even the hottest weather.  Remember, people wear these shirts all over St. Maarten, which is a tropical island.  My brother-in-law and former company founder Jeff wore his shirts all year round in sunny central Florida and always felt cool and comfortable until his passing in 2016.  Our shirts are so cool and comfortable that you don't even know you're wearing them.  You can almost feel the island breezes and taste the margaritas as your shirt transports you to a new level of comfort and relaxation!  Almost like taking a cruise without leaving home.

Some of our shirts carry the Barefoot Attitude brand name or other private labels.  A Barefoot Attitude shirt (or other private label) is the same genuine Rima shirt that you've come to love, only with its own private name brand label inside.  These shirts are made of the same fabric, with the same cut, and the same quality standards, because they are made by Rima.  The only difference you will notice is the difference between the labels.  Due to a special agreement with Barefoot Attitude, we will be including these shirts in with our regular inventory.  Some Barefoot Attitude shirts have the same patterns we have traditionally offered, but others are new ones that we know you will like, too.  Enjoy them while they last!

When you first get your shirts, use a steam iron on low with a light touch to remove those pesky packing creases and then you'll never need the iron again.  These shirts never shrink or fade and taking care of them is a breeze.  Just machine wash your shirts in cold or cool water on the gentle or perma-press cycle, then shake them out, hang them up to dry, and you're done!  The shirts dry quickly and never need ironing.  They pack well and resist wrinkling.  And they look great, with that loose fit that defines the tropical look.  Jeff has shirts that he bought at the Rima Beachworld store in St. Maarten that are over 19 years old, yet they look like new.

All shirts button down the front and are made to be worn with the neck open.  All shirts have a left breast pocket, color coordinated thread, and color coordinated buttons displaying the Rima brand name.  The shirts have a square bottom with side vents approximately 6" long.  They look best worn outside, but the tails are plenty long, if you want to tuck them in.

These shirts just look and feel great!  Only you will know how easy they are to care for.  If you've been to the islands, then you may already be familiar with this great product.  Insist on Rima Beachworld shirts.  There is simply nothing better!

When ordering your shirts, please understand that there may be some slight variations between the pictures on the website and the shirts you actually receive, as the picture on the site is meant to be representative of the shirt and is not the actual shirt that will come in your order.  We do our very best to make sure the colors show up as accurately as possible, but with different computers and different browsers, sometimes the actual shirt will look slightly different than the picture.  Also, the patterns may not be in the exact same locations on the actual shirt as on the pictured shirt, but they will be very close to what you see on the site.

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