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Our Customer Pictures 

We are asking all of our customers to send us pictures of themselves in their shirts and to please tell us a little bit about what is going on in the picture, as well as when & where their picture was taken.  With your permission, we will post your pictures on our website so that other customers can see how much fun you've been having in your shirts.  Share your good times with all of us!  It's the best way of letting others learn about the famous Rima Beachworld shirts.

Send us an email with photo(s) attached and details about the photo(s) to

Please check back often, as we will be updating this portion of our site as new pictures come in.  We plan to post all of the pictures that you graciously share with us.  We are also going to sneak in a few of our own!

Hover your courser over the right arrow to start the pictures rotating.  When you see a picture you would like to see in more detail, simply click on the picture to enlarge it below.  Once the pictures start rotating, you can go back by hovering over the left arrow or you can let the pictures continue to rotate by hovering over the right arrow.  Be sure to send us your picture, too, so you can join the fun!

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